Maca Chicken Soup 瑪卡元貝鷄湯

Maca Chicken Soup 瑪卡元貝鷄湯

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Maca, native to Peru in South America, is a nutritionally valuable plant that one can feels and enjoys its uniqueness.  By adding dried scallop, lotus seeds and Chinese yam, our chefs are thrilled to magic brought by the nourishing ingredients. This appetizing soup not only brings savory seafood flavors with heavenly taste, but also incredibly boosts up one's spirit. Try and feel the difference.

Superfood Ingredients: MACA 


24 oz per pack (Serve about 3 cups)


Chicken Broth, Chinese Yam, Chicken Meat, Maca, Lotus Seeds, Dried Scallop, Carrots, Figs, Red Dates, Dates, Ginger, Longan, Goji Berries, Sea Salt

鷄湯, 山藥,鷄肉,瑪卡,蓮子,元貝,紅蘿蔔,無花果,紅棗,棗,薑,圓肉,杞子,海鹽。