Why Chinese Soup?

In Chinese food tradition, soup is a nourishing meal and a comforting time for family to enjoy together. Traditional Chinese soups are usually gentle tonics made from vegetables, lean meats or seafood, and flavored by natural ingredients. Many Chinese soups also include herbs to enhance their health benefits. The use of herbs in long-simmered soup (廣東老火湯) is especially popular in region near Guangdong Province. Cantonese call this practice "Chinese Food Therapy" (食療).

Although not all of the health benefit claims on Chinese herbs can be verified, some herbs / vegetables including Goji Berry, Shiitake (香菇) and Reishi (靈芝), which have been commonly used by Chinese for thousands of years, are perceived as SUPERFOODS nowadays. We believe Chinese soup with herbs will grow a much bigger role in real food and natural food therapy as more people and scientists gradually recognize their amazing tastes and health benefits.