Mushrooms Chicken Soup 姬松茸茶樹菇雞湯

Mushrooms Chicken Soup 姬松茸茶樹菇雞湯

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Cream mushroom soup is boring. Try our exotic mushrooms soup that absolutely "wow' your culinary experience. Native to Brazil, Agaricus blazei mushroom is an excellent gourmet variety utilized exquisite buttery rich flavor, subtly sweet almond-like taste and meaty texture. Added with shiitake and poplar mushrooms, our exceptionally aromatic soup would provides you absolutely splendid and uniquely pleasant taste that you never try before. 

Superfood Ingredients: AGARICUS BLAZEI (also known as Himematsutake)

24 oz per pack (Serve about 3 cups)


Chicken Broth,  Chicken Meat, Shiitake Mushroom, Poplar Mushroom, Carrots, Agricus Blazei Mushroom, Job’s Tears Seeds, Figs, Dates, Unsalted Butter, Red Dates, Ginger, Sea Salt

鷄湯, 鷄肉,花菇,茶樹菇,紅蘿蔔,姫松茸,薏米,無花果,棗,無鹽牛油,紅棗,薑,海鹽。

Contains: Milk